By Kemar Trepair on November 29, 2020

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It is important to know a little bit more about your equipment, and what is best for you. With heavy snow during this season, a trusty snow blower is always an asset in your home.
A necessary invention since it snows almost nine months of the year there. It is a confusing and daunting task to choose the right snowblower. There is a huge selection of single, double, and triple stage models, all with various widths and a complex array of features. If this is your first time purchasing a snowblower, you will be “blown away” by the blizzards of features.


There are two different types of snow blowers, ones that run on electricity and the others that operate on gas. Both types are capable of moving a large amount of snow, but all have different methods. Some differences are:

A. Free Range of Motion

With a driveway over 50 feet long, your best option is a gas snow blower as using an electric snow blower over 50 feet may affect the power source by overheating, and may have some issues using an extension cord.

B. Ease of Maneuverability

A common misunderstanding about snow blowers is that the smaller it is the easier it is to move around. Single-stage and electric snow blowers are small and lightweight, they are not always easier to move about. The heavy-duty two-stage and three-stage blowers are normally easier due to the fact that they have solid contact with the ground and normally self- propelled.

C. Moving Heavy Loads

Moving heavy loads requires more power, hence we will make reference to the gas ran models. Gas-powered snow blowers come with serious power for moving heavy snow. Blowers like Two-Stage blowers have an impeller that ejects snow faster. The three-stage snow blowers have an extra auger that allows the snow to be clear away faster.

D. Cost Comparison

Electric Snowblowers will cost between $98 to $850, making them a cheaper option. Once your property is small and does not see a lot of snow and build-up, an electric model may be a better fit for you.
However, Gas- Powered snow blowers cost between $360 and $4000. This large price tag comes with heavy machinery that allows large clearing and fast work to be done.


Blowers are available in single, two, or three-stage models. However, snow blowers that use gas to function normally require more maintenance and need fuel often. Also, seeing that they are heavier, a gas snow blower is harder to maneuver.


There are six different types of snow blowers, these are:

1. Electric Snow Blowers

Electric Snow Blowers are a convenient option for clearing away medium-sized snow piles, as they are not the most powerful models. This type of snow blower is ideal if you live in a normal city-style home, as they work best on smoother surfaces, like concrete so if you have a dirt driveway and or walkway, the electric snow blower may not be the best choice.
The price for an electric snow blower is very reasonable. You can get these at Home Depot Canada, TROY-BILT, and Walmart. where you can find snowblowers for anywhere between $98 CND and $359 CND, all depending on size and model.
2. Cordless snow blowers

A Lot of people feel that dealing with a cord while trying to remove snow is a major hindrance. These cordless models work just like a normal corded electric snow blower and some can even do the same level of work as a single-stage gas-powered model. One of the major benefits of having a cordless snow blower is the fact that you can take it everywhere you may need it. A cordless snow blower will be more convenient for those with very long driveways or a larger property.

You also need to note that these types of snow blowers are also electric, which means it will still need a high-voltage battery to be powered. These types are also super lighter than a gas-powered snowblower. Unlike the corded one, you will be able to work freely around the yard. They can cost anywhere from $200 to $1500.00. You can buy these at Walmart ca and Home Depot Canada.

3. Gas- Powered Snow Blowers

These gas-powered model blowers are by far the most powerful types of blowers out there. These types of blowers are best suitable for when you have big jobs before you. These Blowers are suitable for people living in rural areas.
Gas-powered snow blowers are truly made for larger jobs, with a bigger driveway than usual, you will be grateful to have this power machine at hand. These can be found also at Walmart ca, for anywhere between $769 and $1,999.

4. Single - Stage Snow Blower

A single-stage snow blower also has an auger, but this one has a different structure, this auger is made to break up, lift and toss the snow aside. These are lightweight which means they are ideal for function between tight areas, sizes ranging between 10 to 24 inches in width. This snow blower is not suitable for gravel. Once the auger touches the ground, everything is collected and will be thrown, can we say projectiles?

If you are on gravel or stone surfaces, we advise you to avoid these types of snow blowers, hence avoiding lawsuits. You can find these at your local Home Depot Canada store for as low as $399.
Single-stage snowblowers are for light to medium snow piles. and smaller paved or slightly sloped driveways and sidewalks. While they can manage a lot of light, dry snow, they will struggle with wet, heavier snow, and may break.

5. Two-Stage Snow Blower

Two-stage snow blowers unlike all the rest have a corkscrew- shape auger. This lifts the snow, allowing an impeller that blows it, Clearing a wider path with more powers. This system allows more snow to pass through the blower, tossing it through the air to the side. These come in at anywhere between $490 and $2000 at LOWE'S and Home Depot Canada.

These models are bigger, heavier, and a lot more powerful than the single- stage snow blowers. Equipped with larger augers, they can easily cut through compacted ice and snow. This machine can be used on gravel surfaces as well since the auger does not touch the ground.
Having a self-propelled mechanism, it allows your blower to go through a long stretch of snow without slowing down. . These blowers are built for large amounts of snow and even ice, best suitable for medium to large-sized driveways.

7. Three-Stage Snow Blower

These Three-Stage snow blowers collect both snow and ice. It chops ice up and then throws it away. The aggressiveness with which it chops through the ice and disposes of it makes it the strongest snow blower available. These can rock up between $2000 and $4800 at Cub Cadet, Home Depot Canada, and Walmart.
This blower is made to cut through the thickest snow and ice pile up. Having the power to handle over 20 inches of snow of the wet and heavy type. These blowers generally come at a higher price tag and are recommended for people living in climates that receive heavy snowfalls.

All snow blowers are built for the efficiency of removing snow on a dime, but not all of these machines can be operated by you. Some instances we advise you to contact a legitimate proven Snow removal company or Snow personnel. Become a patron today, so we can help you get it done….