Jodi-Marie Taylor


A Driven FullStack Developer with the experience, exposure well beyond her years.

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Jodi-Marie has definitely made the rounds in her few years being a full stack developer, although she is young, she has worked in development at a number of firms with cater to both international and local clients, as such she is exposed to what it means to develop world class applications.

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Amanda G

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Excellent Developer, A More Awesome Person

Reviewed 2 days ago


Jodi is an awesome developer! I hired her to build an application, but instead she helped me build a business and I'm forever greatful to her. I hadn't expect someone so young to be that well versed in their field, let alone have such insight in to the development of a business and it's processes. I will definitely be hiring Jodi again and I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a good, trustworth

She also made me the meal below in celebration of the launch!

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Kevin W

17 Reviews
She broke up with me right before my birthday.

Reviewed 3 months ago


She's expensive, and broke my heart to top it all off.

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Kingston, Jamaica

+1 876 736 8898