By Kemar Trepair on November 23, 2020

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When you Coat your concrete with asphalt is a great way to protect your driveway and walkways thin winter. it is known as bitumen is a black, sticky, semi-solid form of petroleum. There are three main types, they are Hot Asphalt, Mc Cold Mix, and UPM. Here is a brief overview of each type of asphalt.

Hot Asphalt

This type, as the name suggests, is easiest to work with when the temperature is hot. With it, you will mostly see when driving past a construction site. This material is a permanent solution to fixture problems, but it must be used immediately after purchasing. Once it begins to cool, it becomes increasingly difficult to work with, and once completely cool, it hardens like rocks. Paving with hot asphalt will cost you between $100 to $200 per ton. This is meant for the long term, all-weather surfacing and repairs.

MC Cold Mix

This asphalt is for temporary repairs. Since the asphalt is used at cold temperatures, it dries very slowly, so it is best to apply when walking or driving is limited in the applied area. You can get these for $10 to $50 per bag. This type of asphalt is not designed for the whole surface, since it does not last more than two seasons.


This is also a cold mix and can only be used as a temporary repair solution. This type of material can be used in any weather, UPM can be used to repair both wet and dry holes. Once it is compacted, it is immediately ready for use.

Recycling asphalt

You can recycle or reclaim asphalt, this simply means, once installed correctly you can reuse or relocate it. Surprisingly, recycling or reusing asphalt normally costs 10 percent of the cost to install fresh lay. So that is a minimum of $10 to $20 per ton, saving you between $675 to $1,350 on materials.
As is everything in life, using This material has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few Pros and Cons.


1. Asphalt offers both installation speed and fast usability
Asphalt laid over driveways usually takes one to two days maximum to be completely dried and useable. Other materials, like plain concrete, typically takes twice as long to lay and longer to dry.

2.Asphalt is more durable
Unlike concrete, asphalt does not flake, which is caused by poor installation, mixture not being prepared properly, and or the application of melt ice or rock salt to snow. Asphalt is flexible, it is considerably less likely for concrete to crack over time.

3.Asphalt Pavement offers lower maintenance costs
Asphalt cracks can be easily repaired and do not cost a lot. The crack sealant products needed for this can be found available at all home improvement retailers and don't cost very much.

4.Asphalt pavement offers additional heating

The black color of the asphalt helps it pull and retain the sun’s heat. This means, in the winter, snow will melt faster than it would on concrete.

5.Curbside Appeal

Asphalt has a deep black color, with maintenance, this will not fade with exposure to the elements. The black color will go well with any exterior color and decoration.

6.Easy to maintain
When properly installed, you will have a very flat surface. This will make it easy to remove snow, leaves, and other debris.

7. Environmentally Friendly

This material can be recycled, Also once properly installed, it will not release chemicals or gasses into the air.


1.Cure time

Cure time is the length of time needed for a surface to be treated, With asphalt, this would be for the setting of it. This can take three months to a year to be completely cured. During this time, it becomes softer. While you can drive on it in a few days, it’s easier to damage within the first year.

2. Durability

Asphalt will crumble at the edges and can lead to having cracks develop.

3. Surface oil

During the first couple of days of having asphalt installed, the oil may rise to the surface. This can be taken up by your shoes and brought into your car or home.
It is important to have your pavement installed by a professional independent contractor or company. Companies like Empire Paving, Rose Paving LLC, and Canadian Paving Services will provide a free quote. For private contractors, you can simply list your job on so we can help you to get it done.