Prepare for the Spring season with us.

By Kemar Trepair on February 01, 2021


The transition from winter to spring can be tedious and tiring especially when we try to maintain a healthy environment. Preparing for the new season goes far beyond vacuuming and dusting, your smoke alarms will need to be cleaned as well, along with all your filters and vents. 
Here are a few tips to get you ready for the spring season. 


As for winter, preparing for the spring season you need to ensure that you check your gutters for any debris that may block them up. Get your ladder, check your roofs and remove what you can, if its too bad, you may need a professional to assist you, that's where bridggez will come in. 
You can remove gunk from your gutters with a garden hose. You will need a helper to assist with this. While you are on the roof, have someone turn the water on, put the hose inside the gutter in a downspout, and have the water pressure force out the moveable debris from the channel. 
 Pro Tip: ensure your downspouts run the water more than five feet from foundation walls.


Give all your walls a detailed scrub down. When I say all walls, I mean from in the bathroom, your kitchen, living areas, and bedrooms, All your walls. Walls are there and have multiple functions that are advantages to us, however, these same wall surfaces are the perfect spots to attract dust, molds, and allergens. 
We recommend a complete wash down using soap, water, disinfecting agent, and your trusted sponge or brush. This legendary combination will have your home feeling and smelling clean, creating a healthier environment for your entire family. 
Pro Tip: Ensure you avoid electric outlets. Yes, we just helped you avoid a home fire. Thank us later.


After fighting through the winter season and working tirelessly to keep you and your family safe and warm, our heating structures will need some extra special care, which includes cleaning their filters. Now it is recommended that you clean or replace your filters every 3- 6 months, all depending on the type you have. Read more about your filters on our filter blog, Or click here so we can find an HVAC specialist for you. 


If your dryer clogs up, it can become a fire hazard. To clean it, you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove the vent from the back of the machine.
  2. Use a dryer vent brush and remove lint. (you can find it here at JENDCO and Amazon .ca at a cost anywhere between $10.23 CA and $43 CA).

 Sounds simple enough right, not so, everything that needs to be done has some level of complexity, and DIY is not for everyone. If you are one of these people, you can list your task on Bridggez our team will be happy to find the perfect professional for your needs. 


The outside of your windows needs to be cleaned. This will provide a perfect view of what is happening outside, it also keeps the debris, insects, and particles outside, where they belong. Though this sounds easy enough, you need to know that your windows are delicate and need special care and attention, especially if there is leftover ice from the winter that passed. You can list your project on and we will help you find the professional for you.   


Allergen is anything in your surroundings that causes an allergic reaction. Some allergic reactions can be as simple as a simple itch on the side of your arm, or it can become life-threatening, like your throat locking up. Limit this from happening by doing your best to remove all mold, dust, and pollen from your space. You can declutter, steam, and deodorize your space to keep it safe, a humidifier will help too. 


Your trusted grill may have collected a lot of dust during the fall season. Help preserve it by doing simple tasks. You can do this all by yourself. Here are some tips from DIY NETWORK that will help.
Though these tasks seem remedial and minor, it is easier to become a member of Bridggez platform and have us match you with the right professional for your job. Want to learn more? Click the link and become a patron today.