By Kemar Trepair on March 15, 2021

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Some animals, like squirrels, become troublesome neighbors once spring begins. For these pesky creatures, we Some animals, like squirrels, become a troublesome neighbor once spring begins. For these pesky creatures, we advise homeowners and property owners to squirrel-proof their homes.

Squirrels are naturally beautiful and amusing in their normal environment. But once they start invading homes, they will start destroying landscaping, eating vegetation, or scaring off the desired birds. 

Squirrel proofing means finding and sealing up openings that our little creature friends can use to get access to inside our homes. In order to do this, we will need to reinforce weak areas, screening, and caulking around doors and windows, installing chimney caps, and replacing damaged wood. 


Squirrels not only get into your garbage but can damage the infrastructure of your home in their desire to make a nest. They tend to start chewing through chimneys without caps, vents, and the side of your homes.  

In their need to nest, they can chew directly through insulation and wires. Chewing through wires along with running along utility wires are major fire hazards. 

Here is a list of protective measures we can take in order to prevent these small animals from entering your home.


Squirrels are attracted to nuts and plants. These are normally the main ingredients in the feed that are sold for birds. To stop them from going into the birds feed here are a few steps to take:

Apply petroleum jelly or any other oil-based substances to the pole of the feeder, this will stop them from climbing it.

Place feeders at least six feet above the ground.

If the feeder is hung and not on a pole, place plastic pipes on the rope or wire to stop squirrels from climbing down to it. 

Buy squirrel-resistant feeders. These bird feeders are a little bit pricier than ordinary bird feeders. But, They are made to keep squirrels out without hindering the birds from getting to their food. You can get these at stores such as Urban Nature Store, Amazon.ca, and homedepot.ca.  Depending on the material and style of the feeder, it will cost anyway from $23 CA and $420 Ca. 

We advise you to cover your vents and chimneys with mesh to prevent squirrels from climbing in. You can find these at your local Amazon.ca and homedepot.ca for as low as $8.73 CAD per ( 300mm*300mm, stainless steel).


Trim the branches that may touch the roof of the house or even the winter panes. The goal here is to cut down branches that are at least 7 feet away from the exterior of your house because it is proven that squirrels can actually jump up to 6 feet. 


The eaves are the part of your roof that meets or hangs over your wall or building. When checking your eaves you will be looking for evidence of nesting, holes, or chewed wood. Using a flashlight, you will inspect the edges and along the eaves. What you will be looking for are rodent-sized holes or loose rotting boards. 

P.S check your attic for signs of squirrels nesting inside before repairing entry points. Look for the presence of urine or feces and ripped-up insulation. Once you have seen signs, all you need to do is shine a brightly lit light inside and make some noise, this will encourage them to leave. If you are not sure you will need to hire a pest specialist. You can visit Bridggez.com and list your needs, we will assist with finding the right professional.  

Squirrels traveling along your line wire and cables can cause your fuse box or transformer system to short circuit. To prevent this, it is advised that you ask your utility company to cover your wires with PVC pipes, it will spin as they try to step on it, making transportation impossible. 

This should be done by a professional. Please do not attempt on your own.