Tips for giving your bedroom a fresh look

By Kemar Trepair on May 17, 2021


Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for your peace of mind, along with being a canvas for your creativity. A lot of people use their rooms as a space where they can comfortably express themselves through the colors and items that they favor. We will be using this week to highlight a few simple tips that will assist you in lighting up your bedroom.

Subtle Colors for Subtle Reaction

subtler colors will give your room a more authentic and unique feel, rather than using a bold primary color . For shading you can turn to the more toned- down color of your first choice. For example, using a mauve instead of eggplant, or a pumpkin instead of tangerine. If you aren't familiar with paint and painting, click here and become a patron, we will assist you to find the right person Bridggez Connect Painting .

Ceilings Please

We tend to ignore the fact that our ceiling is actually the fifth wall of the room. So, do we really want to just be looking up at a rough bland colorless space. Painting your ceiling gives you character and something memorable to fall asleep to.

Painting your roof in a lighter tone of the paint on your walls can also assist you with settling as it visually lowers the ceiling, giving you the feel of comfort and intimacy. There are many other ways to introduce a unique look to your roof. For instance, adding architectural elements such as moldings or beams or using stencils can make a great difference. Painting or decorating you roof will require the assistance of a painter or architect. You can visit our website and we will assist you with finding the right person to assist you.

Designing Your Bedroom For You

Your bedroom should be an extension of who you are, your personality, your spirit and your overall vibe. Whether you are upbeat and vibrant or you like to stay modest and down to earth. Your room, with the right budget and fixtures, can reflect you and everything that is you.

A quote of paint, a few pieces of furniture, proper spacing, some rugs and some pillows will bring on a welcomed beauty.

Get The Space You Need.

There is nothing I hate like hitting my toes on the curbs in a room. Get yourself enough space so you can function properly without hurting yourself. It will also add a lighter feeling to your room, making it feel calmer, roomy and more organized.

You can include a roomy bedside table with drawers or doors in which you can put your miscellaneous items, Glasses , books, eye drops etc.
A truck or storage bench is also a great way to keep your space clean and free of clusters.
Have you ever considered a headboard with shelves? It will help you store the books and stationeries that cannot fit on your computer desk.

Proper Lighting Is A Must Have.

Your bedroom needs proper lighting, both natural and man made. Both options are needed to light your home up as well as keep you from going blind.
For your reading, studying and computer use, you will need to have the proper desk and bedside table lights. It will assist you to see better without straining your eyes.

All of these options can be done through a DIY project, but just in case you are too busy or you are not up for the task, Click here and become a patron, you will be able to list all the needs you have to be done and we will find the right person for the job. Click here and become a patron today. Bridggez.